Sanctuary at Reading Minster


Sanctuary is a wonderful example of the Church discovering new ways to fulfil its mission in a modern urban context.  The success of Sanctuary owes so much to the volunteers who come from across the local area.  We are deeply grateful for their willingness to commit time and energy to welcoming and serving everyone who comes into the Minster, whether they come out of choice or need.

In collaboration with our partner organisations, the Minster offers a much needed place of peace, safety and hope.

The Minster is open as Sanctuary on a Friday and Saturday.  Sanctuary is open for all people enjoying the night-time economy in the town.

Sanctuary’s key themes can be summed up in the 3Rs:

  • Refuge – A place of safety for young people who are feeling potentially vulnerable, e.g. when waiting alone for a lift/taxi home, or after an incident/issue during the evening. A safe place to rest and chat.
  • Recovery – A place to be comfortable, warm and quiet if the events of the evening have become too much.
  • Refreshment – A place where tea and coffee are made available for anyone who would like.

The initiative succeeds because of our highly motivated and compassionate volunteers from the area, who do an amazing job providing hot drinks, listening and basic pastoral support including signposting those who need more specialist help.